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Screenshot of the NUS Connect Website, one of the heaviest users of the UnionCloud Platform.

This Community Wiki, is our venture in hoping that we can provide to you the best, most up to to date, comprehensive, and yet easy to understand support possible. Though our team will be working hard to ensure we cover, and keep on top of this, providing help, support, and guidance on all areas of UnionCloud, there are only so many hours in the day. As with all 'Wiki' based websites, we're going to be asking for a little bit of help from you guys, the community. If you're looking through here, and there is something you've noticed is missing, feel free to add it, or let us know that you'd like some help on a particular topic adding. With your help, we can make this a hugely successful support mechanism to allow you to create the best UnionCloud platforms possible for your own institutions!


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FAQ's / Common Questions

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These are the major areas you will come across using the Back End of UnionCloud.


Admin Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

The Admin section of the UnionCloud Dashboard contains all of the tools you as the Administrator are likely to need to make sure that your site functions, and functions correctly. Everything from setting up the specific ID's students are allowed to register with, Single Sign On, Nominal Codes for your finance teams, Data Uploads, and more.

It is the main suite of tools you will use to manage your site, Setup, is mainly used, as it would suggest, in the setup of your website, the crucial settings, and, custom email responses, often this is made up of the settings that doesn't require changing too often. The other group of tools, you will use more frequently, though which tools are available to you will depend on which UnionCloud package you are on.

The Sections of the Admin Menu are;


Website Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

MarComs is a Portmanteau of the words Marketing, and Communications, and that is largely what this section covers, it includes all of the areas to edit content on your site, add 'News Articles', send out Emails to your members (Campaigns), and managing all of your Uploaded Images & Documents.

Some areas, like Developers Toolkit, are slightly more advanced still and allow users with the know how to alter the structure of their site, the navigation, the order / location of pages and more, it also gives the ability to add widgets, sub-sites, and with one of the extra packages, customise the CSS and Javascript within the site, allowing a greater level of bespoking.

The Sections of the MARCOMS Menu are;


Campaigns Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

Previously from within the MARCOMS Section, these have been separated out now for Clarity. Campaigns is the section you visit if you wish to send out Email 'Campaigns' from within your UnionCloud site to your membership, it's broken down into two sections.
Campaign Manager

  • Union Campaigns
  • NUS Campaigns


Groups Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

Groups is the catch all term we use to describe any student group we want to give some access and independence to on our Website. Typically, these are Sports Clubs & Societies, however, some also use it for Course reps, mailing lists, interest groups and one-off projects.
If the people in charge of said group have been assigned permissions, then they can also manage themselves, their own minisite, their own memberships / prices, events, emails and more.

The Sections of the Groups Menu are;


Events Menu from Union Cloud Dashboard.

The events section is a useful tool used for eTicketing, Door Entry (Scanning / Redeeming tickets at an event), Obtaining information in advance from all of your guests, notifying them of updates, and giving the abilty to promote events, to boost attention or sales.
The Sections of the Events Menu are;


eShop Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

There are currently three options available relating to eShops within UnionCloud sites; None, Managed, or Union.

None is straight forward, a non commercial union who do not wish to sell products.
Managed is an eShop managed by the UnionCloud team, and stocked by Epona, the Fairtrade clothing supplier that is a subsidiary of NUS, as the shop.
Union is the most common option, and refers to an eShop managed by a member of staff at your Union, and requires you to upload and maintain your stock, and stock levels, reviewing and dispatching orders.

The financial breakdown for Managed and Union is slightly different, you can get these details by contacting you Membership Engagement Executive.
The Sections of the Eshop Menu are;


Democracy Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

The Democracy section of UnionCloud includes all features relating to student participation and representation within your Union. Here you can run elections which students can nominate themselves for or vote in. You can also use the Student Voice module for students to raise ideas and petitions or referendums to understand your students' opinions on particular issues.

The Sections of the Democracy Menu are;


Volunteering Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

The Sections of the Volunteering Menu are;


Reports Menu from UnionCloud Dashboard.

The Sections of the Reports Menu are;

Version History

Links to Version Updates / Release Notes, this stub stores the most recent 3 sprints, and the most recent three major releases, however if you are looking for full details you can find all release / sprint data on the Version History page.

Major Updates

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UnionCloud Newsletter

We will keep an up-to-date archive of previous UnionCloud briefings and newsletters if you wish to go back and review them for any reason.

Below you can see the three most recent newsletters, but if you want to see them all you can visit our UC Briefing Archive.

Misc Info

Here we'll list links or info about any documentation that isn't necessarily directly UnionCloud, but may still relate to your usage of the platform.

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