Patch: 24th July 2018

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This page details the content that has been released in the patch named in the title above, if you were looking for the content from a different Sprint, or Union Cloud Release, please take a look at the Version History page to see all Sprints and Releases.


Product Description Character Limit

We have changed the Character Limit for eShop Product Descriptions from 1,000 to 2,000 following a request.

  • This was an enhancement


Maps on Events

Maps on Events

UnionCloud Events now use a Google Maps API, they look up the location of an event, display the map showing it's location, and in the back end, store the Latitude and Longditude of these events. One of the primary reasons for this is that when the apps are pulled through into TOTUM, a user can tap the map, on iOS or Android, and using the Lat/Long it will use the given devices default maps app to start navigation to the location.

  • This was a new feature


Event Fields Update

Removed mandatory check on contact details.
Added two fields for contact email and contact phone number.
Migrate data using a pattern to put into most likely fields email or phone number.

  • This was an Enhancement


Page Timeout Issue

Timeout: Download Program/Hall/Question/Custom/Dynamic//Event/Union usergroup CSV
To reduce system’s response time, we have moved user-group download CSV to a background activity.
The user can trigger a request to generate CSV and they can come back and download generated CSV on the same page.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Group Expiry Logic

To resolve an issue around Group Membership Expiry, and conflicting Membership Years/ Group Expiry Date, Global Expiry Dates, we have updated the Group UserGroup Expiry logic

  • This issue has been resolved.


Minor uncategorised fix