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This page details the content that has been updated in the Union Cloud Release named in the title above, if you were looking for the content from a different Sprint, or Union Cloud Release, please take a look at the Version History page to see all Sprints and Releases.
Release 26: Find out what's coming next...

The next major UnionCloud update will be released 26th November. There are a number of big features included in this release such as:

Admin Dashboard Overhaul

Following a number of workshops with a handful of SU's we have completely redesigned the admin section of UnionCloud so that it is more intuitive, user friendly, and fully mobile responsive. This includes updates like moving the Dashboard Navigation to vertical tooldrawer type menu, which solves the problems with being able to select menu items on touch screen devices, stripping back all non-essential fields and hiding them in the 'Advanced Options' section Adding 'Top Info Boxes' at the header of every Dashboard page linking back to their relevant section on the Support Wiki site, and making sure we read through and updated the hint tips with all of the fields so they were short, clear, and made sense.


UnionCloud now makes use of a BootStrap Framework.
Bootstrap is an open-source web Framework, containing loads of HTML/CSS Design templates for different components, buttons, forms, navigation etc. Plus some Javascript extensions. This enables us to do some front end improvements, and these elements are also available to be used by you too.

Drag & Drop Improvments

We have created a brand new page building tool which makes use of Bootstrap, and our new 'drag & drop' functionality, allowing you to create ammend and rearange any page across your main site, groups, and subsites. You simply click on the thing you wan tto add to your page and drag it over to where you want it to sit. We will be providing training sessions on this in early November 16.

Elections Dashboard

A themed elections Dashboard allowing you to select what elections to use, and which stats you want to switch on or off, with charts, and stats and more!

  • More info to follow

Elections APIs

We will be introducing a number of Elections API's to join the list of existing API's, though most of these will be around Data extracts, and will allow unions to pull data for other uses, or even build their own elections Dashboards

Customisable Emails

Joining the three customisable emails that were introduced in Release 24, we've now added a few more, along with liquid variables so that you can still include the important information, new emails being added are;

  • Volunteer Registration Confirmation
  • Thank you Volunteer for completing profile
  • Thank you Volunteer Organisation for registering
  • Volunteer Organisation Approval
  • e-Shop Purchase confirmation
  • Election FastTrack email

Dynamic Filters

New Dynamic Filters being added, full details will follow, but we are adding new filters in the following categories;

  • Student Voice Filters
  • Volunteering Filters
  • eShop Filters

SiteWide Search Improvments

Site-wide search will search for a term within the page title, body text, tags (in that order of priority) in the following;

  • Event Pages
  • Groups Pages
  • CMS Pages
  • Articles Pages
  • Documents
  • eShop Pages
  • Student Voice
  • Volunteering
  • Tags

Search Results Page improvements

  • Your searched for: "Search Term"
  • Ability to start/make a new search
  • Display page URL's in search results
  • Ability to filter search results by page type