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The support and engagement team for UnionCloud is made up of the following:

Christine Ashworth - Head of Customer Success

Becky Butler - Digital Community Engagement Manager

Ash Kierans - Digital Engagement Lead

Amie Atkinson - Digital Support Executive

Harry Vann - Digital Support Executive

Jennifer Sidlow - Digital Support Executive

Faiza Noreen - Digital Marketing Executive

We have three routes setup for users to obtain the support they need with their site.

Support Wiki

Hopefully by now you've realised this is the site you are currently on! The support Wiki offers comprehensive information on each module of the UnionCloud site and how they work. We hope that you can solve most of your problems/issue on this site and if you need to recap any modules that you may be rusty in using, you can find the support here.

We will also post information on the breakdown of what has been included in new releases and patch releases.

Get Satisfaction

The Get Satisfaction forum is a great place for community support and conversations with other users on UnionCloud. There are four different areas on Get Satisfaction for you to use:

  • Questions - Ask any questions you have about your UnionCloud site and someone from the community may have the answer. Digital Support staff from UnionCloud also monitor the Get Satisfaction page so you may get an answer from us.
  • Ideas - If it turns out that what you are looking to do on UnionCloud isn't possible or you think that something could be improved the best way to go about this is to post it as a suggestion on the Get Satisfaction forum. From here if your idea gains traction and other members from the community agree we will add it to the development suggestions list. The development priorities of UnionCloud are decided by the UnionCloud Direction and Oversight Board which you can find out more information about this [here].
  • Praise - Let us know which areas of UnionCloud you like the most and what you're finding most useful. Making improvements on the site can be easier when we know which functionality is working best for you.
  • Announcements - Here Digital Support staff will make announcements about upcoming releases, training and any other messages that we think will be relevant to you.

If you don't have a Get Satisfaction you can register for one on the site. [Click here] to visit the Get Satisfaction forum.


If you've exhausted all efforts to find what you are looking for in the Wiki and through user posts on Get Satisfaction the next step is to get in touch with the support team direct. Zendesk allows you to submit tickets requesting help with problems.

[Click here] to visit Zendesk. If you already have an account you'll be able to submit tickets, if you don't have an account please contact someone from the Digital Support team to set one up for you.

When you submit a Zendesk ticket please ensure you fill out the details requested such as 'Severity' and 'Incident Type' to help us quickly understand your issue and prioritize it as necessary. Zendesk operates its support Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 and we endeavour to respond to your tickets within 3 hours.

Once we've solved your ticket you'll be asked to fill out a quick survey. If you can spare 2 minutes this is a big help in helping us improve our support service.

Twitter (@UnionCloudNUS)

If you're looking to stay up to date with our latest news, releases, and updates, you can follow us on Twitter. From here we'll be posting all of our exciting developments along with examples of best practice from the fantastic Students' Unions using UnionCloud.

You can keep up with these updates on our Twitter page