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Major Updates

Sprint Updates


2015 UnionCloud Sprint Releases
August R23 Patch: 19th August 2015
September R23 Patch: 28th September 2015
October R23 Patch: 05th October 2015 R23 Patch: 12th October 2015 R23 Patch: 20th October 2015
November R23 Patch: 02nd November 2015 R23 Patch: 09th November 2015 R23 Patch: 30th November 2015
December R24 Patch: 12th December 2015
(24.5) Large Release
R24 Patch: 21st December 2015


2016 UnionCloud Sprint Releases
January R24 Patch: 04th January 2016 R24 Patch: 11th January 2016 R24 Patch: 18th January 2016 R24 Patch: 25th January 2016
February R24 Patch: 01st February 2016 R24 Patch: 08th February 2016 R24 Patch: 15th February 2016 R24 Patch: 22nd February 2016
March R24 Patch: 07th March 2016 R24 Patch: 11th March 2016 R24 Patch: 14th March 2016 R24 Patch: 28th March 2016
April R24 Patch: 04th April 2016 R24 Patch: 11th April 2016 R24 Patch: 18th April 2016 R24 Patch: 25th April 2016 R24 Patch: 28th April 2016
May R24 Patch: 02nd May 2016 R24 Patch: 09th May 2016 R24 Patch: 23rd May 2016
June Release 25 Deployed
July R25 Patch: 04th July 2016 R25 Patch: 18th July 2016 R25 Patch: 25th July 2016
August R25 Patch: 01st August 2016 R25 Patch: 08th August 2016 R25 Patch: 16th August 2016 R25 Patch: 22nd August 2016 R25 Patch: 29th August 2016
September R25 Patch: 07th September 2016 R25 Patch: 12th September 2016 R25 Patch: 19th September 2016 R25 Patch: 20th September 2016 R25 Patch: 26th September 2016
October R25 Patch: 03rd October 2016 R25 Patch: 17th October 2016 R25 Patch: 24th October 2016
November R25 Patch: 02nd November 2016 R25 Patch: 07th November 2016 Release 26 Deployed R26 Patch: 30th November 2016
December R26 Patch: 05th December 2016 R26 Patch: 12th December 2016 R26 Patch: 19th December 2016 R26 Patch: 26th December 2016


2017 UnionCloud Sprint Releases
January R26 Patch: 09th January 2017 R26 Patch: 16th January 2017 R26 Patch: 23rd January 2017 R26 Patch: 30th January 2017
February R26 Patch: 06th February 2017 R26 Patch: 13th February 2017 R26 Patch: 20th February 2017 R26 Patch: 27th February 2017
March R26 Patch: 06th March 2017 R26 Patch: 14th March 2017 R26 Patch: 20th March 2017 R26 Patch: 27th March 2017
April R26 Patch: 24th April 2017
May Release 27 Deployed
R27 Patch: 09th May 2017
R27 Patch: 10th May 2017 R27 Patch: 15th May 2017 R27 Patch: 22nd May 2017 R27 Patch: 29th May 2017
June R27 Patch: 05th June 2017 R27 Patch: 12th June 2017 R27 Patch: 14th June 2017 R27 Patch: 19th June 2017 R27 Patch: 27th June 2017
July R27 Patch: 03rd July 2017 R27 Patch: 10th July 2017 R27 Patch: 18th July 2017 R27 Patch: 24th July 2017 R27 Patch: 31st July 2017
August R27 Patch: 8th August 2017 R27 Patch: 14th August 2017 R27 Patch: 21st August 2017 - tbc R27 Patch: 28th August 2017
September R27 Patch: 09th September 2017 R27 Patch: 16th September 2017 Code Freeze for Freshers
October R27 Patch: 03rd October 2017 R27 Patch: 09th October 2017 R27 Patch: 23rd October 2017 R27 Patch: 30th October 2017
November Patch: 06th November 2017 Patch: 13th November 2017 Patch: 20th November 2017 Patch: 27th November 2017
December Patch: 04th December 2017 Patch: 11th December 2017 Patch: 26th December 2017




Code freeze for SU Elections



Patch releases moved from Monday to Tuesday due to business need


Patches in May contained a large number of platform updates related to GDPR, and were released in one go, hence no earlier releases.