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OneVoice Digital have provided an explaination of some of the things we are doing as part of our work to make the platform compliant with GDPR Legislation, and also providing you with some useful information on some of the things you can do too.

When considering GDPR in relation to OneVoice it is important to understand the relationship between OneVoice, NUS and your Students’ Union.

In the context of GDPR both the Students’ Union and NUS are considered Data Controllers using the UnionCloud platform provided by OneVoice, making OneVoice the Data Processor.

OneVoice only processes student data to provide services to you. Student data will only be sent to NUS if the user has agreed (via opt-in consent) for their information to be shared with NUS.

To assist your Union in meeting its obligations under GDPR18 we have updated the consent fields for the Union with the following;

  • Consent to send communications e.g. your weekly updates to all students,
  • Consent to send marketing emails e.g. club offers and drinks promotions,
  • Mandatory acceptance of terms and conditions,
  • All checkboxes are unchecked unless you pass consent information as part of your upload of students.

To ensure you can meet obligations under the 1994 Education Act elections can still be participated in by those who haven’t agreed terms and conditions for general processing.

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