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Award on a group profile page.

When you go to to view any Student Group (Club / Society) page, they default to looking the same way, down the left hand side it displays;

  • Name of Group
  • Group Picture / Logo
  • Category, and if relevant Sub-Category
  • Link to Group Events
  • Link to Group News Articles
  • Any other Custom CMS Content a group adds,
  • Awards

The awards section mentioned will show a small thumbnail of any awards that have been attributed to a specific group, if you hover over the thumbnail, it will display the Award Title, and the Award Description as a tooltip.

Manage Group Awards

Managing group awards page.

You can find this page on your own site at url: <yoursite>/administrator/group_awards

The familiar table form seen to the right makes it easy to glance at and manage all of your Group awards, they're fairly simple to scan through offering just the 'Award Name', and 'Icon' (A thumbnail of the Award image), as with all other tables this is paginated to cap the results at 20 per page, however you can simply flick through them or expand the table to 'Show All' by clicking the button in the bottom right if you have more than 20 listed.

Again this table is easy to search, by just clicking the FilterFilter.png button in the top right hand corner, which will then allow you to search the records by Award Name.

You can also;

  • ViewView.png - This shows the Award Details; Name, Description, Icon
  • EditEdit.png - This allows you to Update the award; Name, Description, Icon
  • DeleteDelete.png - Presents a pop up asking if you are sure you wish to delete the award.

Finally there is an 'Add Group Award' button at the bottom of the page which takes you to the section explained below.

Add Group Award

Create new group award page.

You can find this page on your own site at url: <yoursite>/administrator/group_awards/new

Once you have got to the 'Create Group Award' screen, you are presented with three boxes;

  • Name (Required)
  • Description (Required)
  • Upload New Icon (Required)

All fields here are mandatory, and will represent the information seen when a student goes to view a group, and wants to check what an award is for, try to make your titles short, but explanatory, and your Descriptions a little more detail about what the award is for, we recommend that all Icons are square, and a minimum size of 148px x 148px to avoid skewing and blurring.

Apply Group Award

The assign group award page within a group.
Don't forget to Save and Approve otherwise a group will default to draft!

Applying an Award to a group is also covered in the Manage Groups section, as that tool is done from within a Group, we'll give a brief rundown.
Navigate to: Dashboard > Groups
Click the EditEdit.png button next to the group you wish to set an Award for, along the Ribbon menu, choose Awards
This screen will show you all of the Awards that have been set up to be used by Student Groups, simply check the boxes by the awards you wish to add to a Group, and click the 'Assign Award' button above the awards.

Once you have clicked on the 'Assign Award' button you will be taken to the Edit page within the group. Remember to choose the 'Save and Approve' button to save the award to the group. Remember any edits made to a group, default the group to draft, so it can be checked and approved before going live.