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Event Booking Details is a stub, and just part of a wider section on UnionCloud Reporting

Event Booking Details

Event Booking Details screen

The Event Booking details screen is fairly straight forward, and you can use it to generate reports about all of your event bookings within a date range.
These reports can be a maximum of 1 calendar month, if you would like a report for a longer period please raise this as a request in ZenDesk.

You can find this page on your own site at url: <yoursite>/administrator/reports/event_booking_details

Download Report

An example of how the Event Booking Details Spreadsheet looks

Once downloaded this report will provide you with the following A list of all of the tickets that have been booked via your website within the date range you have specified, along with these fields;

  • Name of Event
  • Email (of user who purchased the ticket)
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Ticket Type
  • Booking Date
  • Redeemed (Yes/No)
  • Cancelled (Yes/No)
  • Photo Available (Yes/No)
  • Photo URL