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Finance Report is a stub, and just part of a wider section on UnionCloud Reporting

Finance Report Details

Finance Report Download screen

You can find this page on your own site at url: <yoursite>/administrator/reports

The Finance Report download screen is fairly straight forward, and you can use it to generate reports about all of your finance activity, on your UnionCloud site within a date range.
These reports can be a maximum of 1 calendar month, if you would like a report for a longer period please raise this as a request in ZenDesk.

Download Report

An example of how the Finance Report Spreadsheet looks

Once downloaded this report will provide you with the following A list of all transactions that have been completed via your website within the date range you have specified, along with these fields;

  • Date : Date on which the order was placed.
  • Order ID: Order ID of the order placed. This same order ID is also be found on the payment provider's order listing for reference.
  • User Email: Email of the user who placed the order.
  • Create User Email: This will only be populated for remote sales(a.k.a Box Office) purchases. It will be the email of the user who was logged in to facilitate the purchase for the customer.
  • Union: The name of the union on which the order was placed
  • Group: The name of the group will be populated here in instances where a group membership or a group event ticket was purchased. In cases where union event tickets or shop products are purchased this will be populated with the name of the union.
  • Event Date: Date of the event for which the ticket was purchased.
  • Category/Event: This will contain the name of the event in cases of event ticket purchases. In cases of shop order purchases this will have a value as 'eShop'. For group membership purchases this will have a value as 'Memberships'.
  • Item ID: This will contain the booking/transaction references for membership and event purchases in UnionCloud. Not of any value to NUS finance. However for shop products this populates with the product(product variant) code.
  • Ticket Number: Will capture the ticket number of the particular event booking. In case of membership or shop purchases this will be blank.
  • Nominal Code: Nominal code of the item purchased. Nominal codes can be set up for memberships, shop products and event tickets.
  • Ticket Type / Membership Type / Product: Name of the ticket type or membership type or product being purchased
  • Item Price: Base Price of the Item
  • Transaction Fee: Transaction fee applicable to the item
  • Gross Price: Total Price of the item. i.e Item Price + Transaction fee
  • VAT Rate: 20 as per current UK trade laws
  • Quantity: Quantity of item purchased
  • Status: Payment status of the Order. Can be Payment Processed for a paid order, Free for free items, Refund for a refund transaction row appearing corresponding to the original order and Refund and Resell for a refund and resell transaction row appearing corresponding to the original order
  • Gross Charges:
  • Gross Total
  • Net of VAT on item Price
  • Net of VAT on Transaction Fee
  • Net of VAT on Charges
  • Total net of VAT
  • VAT on Item Price
  • VAT on Transaction Fee
  • VAT on Charges
  • Total VAT amount
  • Online / Offline: Populated as Online for any orders from the website through the payment gateway. For any other transactions, i.e remote sales, club membership uploads via csv or web-services.
  • Mode of Payment: Populated with Cash or Card if the order is purchased via Remote Sales. If it is a paid order from the website through the payment gateway it will show as credit_card.
  • Itemable Transaction ID: For UnionCloud internal use only.