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This page details the content that has been released in the patch named in the title above, if you were looking for the content from a different Sprint, or Union Cloud Release, please take a look at the Version History page to see all Sprints and Releases.


Informed Consent

This deals with all changes associated to getting informed consent from users without using any unsubscribe like options.

  1. . For any communication and commercial campaign mailer opt ins we need to remove the option at NUS level for per-registration status. By default any users who have not yet activated their accounts will always be considered opted out of such communication.
  2. . Introduce a default GDPR consent acquiring text outlining what data is collected or available with the SU as part of the data upload or registration. Changes to registration/activation form. This should appear as a mandatory check for the user to read and accept before proceeding with activation.
  3. . Retrospective action or redirect to this statement post the GDPR deadline date needs to be implemented.

On profile page, when a user is redirected, will now see a message;

 Why am I here? 
 As it's been over a year since you registered, we want to make sure your details are up to date. Could you take a few seconds to make sure we're sending things to the right place and 
 that we're only sending you relevant information. Thanks!t
 Pam ydw i yma?
 Mae blwyddyn ers i chi gofrestru, felly hoffem sicrhau bod eich manylion yn gyfoes. Treuliwch ambell eiliad yn sicrhau ein bod ni’n anfon pethau at y lle cywir a’n bod ni’n anfon 
 gwybodaeth berthnasol atoch. Diolch!

  • This was an enhancement.


Delete my account

Database Related - We have updated the actions we take within the platform when a user deletes their account.
Some kind of 'Delete my Account' button for an end user, will follow.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Update Personal Data - User Account Details
Update Programme Data - User Account Details

View all details stored about a UnionCloud user

We have updated the Edit User Account Details screen, to allow an administrator to now get and update all detail stored about a user on UnionCloud, not only can an administrator update all of the personal data about a user, but there is now additionally a second tab for an admin to provide course data.

  • This issue has been resolved.


UnionAdmin view for Editing Account Details

Admin View - Set Which Details are Visible/Editable

What was previously a limited User Profile Updates screen from the setup menu, now allows an administrator to set each and every field we collect about a user to [Visible] / [Can be updated] by the end user.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Archival of Alumni Data

Alumni Archival

UnionCloud has now implemented a feature which automatically deletes users that have been moved into the Alumni usergroup, after a certain account age.

A user becomes and Alumni, once their course end date has passed. Union Administrator can set the period after which accounts are deleted. i.e. if a user is still actively utilizing their account they won't be deleted.

You can find this page on your own site at url: <yoursite>/administrator/unions/alumni_configuration

There is a background job which runs weekly, and will delete accounts which meet the criteria of both being Alumni, and also not active in the number of days you set.

  • This was an enhancemnent


Log-in redirect workflow

Navigation Redirect Workflow added. We have added a workflow that, once a user has logged in, if they have not accepted Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy, they will not be able to use the full functionality of the UnionCloud site, and will be redirected back to their profile page to do so.
The only exceptions to this, are a user will be able to browse the non-processing sections of the website, such as browsing web pages, but they won't for example be able to use Clubs/Societies, purchase tickets.
They will continue to be able to use the eVoting Module as they have a legal basis for this.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Opt in for Union Commercial

An additional opt in has been added for Union Commercial emails, after it was decided that following consultation the existing 'NUS Commercial' Checkbox where a user opts to receive emails containing offers from selected third parties via NUS, did not specifically grant permission for the SU to send commercial emails.

  • This issue has been resolved.


As a UnionCloud Administrator< I should be able to update the programme information of an individual user.

Edit individual user Programme Data

As a UnionCloud Administrator< I should be able to update the programme information of an individual user.

1 The admin should be able to edit the following fields inside the table. But ensure that the values of these shall be fetched from the already uploaded data . (show the values either in drop down or autocomplete)

  • Prg id with Prg name
  • Hall of residence
  • Study type
  • programme level
  • start date
  • end date

2 Show the following fields to students in non-editable format:

  • Prg id with Prg name
  • Hall of residence
  • end date
  • This issue has been resolved.


User Data Correction

As a user I should be able to correct my data, and the data remain in that corrected state, and not be overwritten by CSV Upload / Data Transfer (with the exception of University Data, such as Course, and End Date).

Data Correction WorkFlow;

  1. For any data fields for a user that he is able to ever potentially edit are not allowed to be over-ridden by the upload API/CSV function in case the user makes a change to the field.
  2. Any changes made by a union admin to the user's profile however are still allowed to come through. (Reasoning for this is that the unions admins only make a change to a user's details if they have been requested to do so)
  3. For guest user's also the same rules apply except guest upload only exists as a webservice and not a csv upload.
  • This issue has been resolved.



Feedback to update Functionality in UserStoriess UC-10 and UC-12

  • This issue has been resolved.


'Placement' data field

Providing content / hints and labels for all of the new Student Data fields on the profile page, and also Welsh Translations.

  • This issue has been resolved.


UC-10 Feedback

Editing UC-10 Functionality based on Feedback

  • This issue has been resolved.


UC-168 Feedback

Feedback and updates on previous Sprint UserStories: UC-168, UC-19, UC-170

  • This issue has been resolved.


Email to admin when deleting Alumni data

Automatic email to Union Admin when deleting users from Alumni UserGroup;

Hi Admin

We have just removed XXX from the alumni based on your setting of X days to hold

Next week we will remove XXX based on current settings
  • This issue has been resolved.


Default Value for Opt Ins

Migration to set the default pre-registration value for opt-ins to NULL, as opposed to Opted in as it was for some Unions.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Download CSV includes consent data

CSV and API both now accept 5 new fields; NUS Communication opt in NUS Commercial opt in Union Communication opt in Union Commercial opt in Accept PrivacyPolic/T&C's

In the CSV these are presented as;

...Previous Columnus union_communication union_commercial nus_communication nus_commercial terms_and_conditions
...Previous Columns [Yes/No] [Yes/No] [Yes/No] [Yes/No] [Yes/No]
  • This issue has been resolved.


API and CSV Accept consent fields

CSV and API both now accept 5 new fields; NUS Communication opt in NUS Commercial opt in Union Communication opt in Union Commercial opt in Accept PrivacyPolic/T&C's

Here is the sample response from a SEARCH User API Call, for full API Documentation, see
This is an excerpt
"address": "XYZ Street,",

     "postcode": "NCX 3RW",
     "record_type": "new",
     "union_communication": "yes",
     "union_commercial": "no",
     "nus_communication": "yes",
     "nus_commercial": "no",
     "terms_and_conditions": "yes",
     "additional_identities": [
         "provider": "facebook",
         "id": "2A6128"
         "provider": "lusu_number",
         "id": "12ABC"


Note Note: Once you have set Terms & Conditions this can't be unticked, this field should only be completed if you are collecting the users acceptance of this elsewhere.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Data Obfuscation

Obfuscate (anonymise) all user information when Deleting a user via the API

This action has already been completed for Deleting a user via the System, and now takes the same action via the API, please refer to UC-6

  • This issue has been resolved.


Changing the opt-in values

Amendments on UnionCloud sites for setting opt-in functionality, where previously unions had these set up for Opt Outs / Untick fields

  • Rename Columns
  • Reverse Functionality

Check against NUS Communication, NUS Commercial, Union Communication

  • This issue has been resolved.


Minor uncategorised fix

Student side jQuery upgraded from v1.6.4 to v3.2.1
Admin side jQuery upgraded from 1.11.2 to 2.4


Error duplicating election

Error on Duplicate Election

Error presented when duplicating an election, where it takes place within the next hour, and there was a short lead time between Nominations and Voting.
The dialogue would incorrectly return an error message explaining that the dates needed to be in the future.

  • This issue has been resolved.

UC-148 - DE2096

Page Break Error

Bug raised (Chrome Only) Page break observed when trying to download CSV report with comma in user group name.

  • This issue has been resolved.