R27 Patch: 12th June 2017

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This page details the content that has been released in the patch named in the title above, if you were looking for the content from a different Sprint, or Union Cloud Release, please take a look at the Version History page to see all Sprints and Releases.


Print Tickets Button Issue

An issue existed with the Print icon, from the Admin Dashboard when trying to manually print tickets on behalf of a user. the javascript.void() wasn't triggering correctly and displaying the ticket, this hadn't been noted until now because it's rare unions print the tickets on behalf of the users.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Charts Export Issue

The Charts used on various parts of the UnionCloud site; Elections Dashboard, Reports, Analytics etc. all have an Export Function, recently this function stopped working. The charts are generated using a 3rd Party Library Highcharts, and they had moved the location of one of the libraries, we've now updated this.

  • This issue has been resolved.


CK Editor Spacing Issue

A number of users have recently reported issues in the CK Editor with spacing for example after pasting content in, some of the white spaces were being removed, particularly the <br/> character and the   characters. There were two separate issues here, the one removing space characters was only in the Chrome browser and only since updating to the latest version, we reported this to CK Editor and they resolved the issue
The other issue was to do with us removing excess white space which we have fixed.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Volunteer Organisation Permissions

Volunteer Org Permission Issue

An issue with the permissions for Volunteer Organisations was created as part of a fix to a previous issue #8042, it caused a problem with fetching the permissions for a volunteering organisation, which meant they were unable to view profile and thus approve volunteers.

  • This issue has been resolved.



Optimisation and performance improvement work on Resources & Articles

  • This issue has been resolved.


Minor uncategorised fix

Infrastructure Changes

  • Upgraded App server instance type from c3.2xlarge(10 unicorn workers on each) to c3.4xlarge (25 unicorn workers on each)
  • Upgraded Redis server instance type from m3.2xlarge to c3.4xlarge
  • Upgraded RDS instance type from db.m3.2xlarge to db.r3.8xlarge