R27 Patch: 05th June 2017

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This page details the content that has been released in the patch named in the title above, if you were looking for the content from a different Sprint, or Union Cloud Release, please take a look at the Version History page to see all Sprints and Releases.


Event Widget Carousel Issue

Event Widget Carousel

Issue presented with Event Widget Carousel, where on a number of sites, the number of events was extending past the confines of the Section. This was only affecting the 'Edit Mode' view.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Article Categories Issue

An issue presented when an article was created with categories by a GROUP, not from the Main Union Articles area, despite the article loading correctly in the Articles Index page. It wasn't being pulled through in Category Based Article widgets.

  • This issue has been resolved.


Minor uncategorised fix

Optimized search users APIs and increased rate limit to 500 request per 60 seconds