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Advertisements is a stub, and just part of a wider section on UnionCloud Setup, for the full UnionCloud setup index please check the page here.


Within UnionCloud you have the ability to add 'Advertisements' to your News Articles and News Index page, this is done using one of three WYSIWYG editors on this page, you have two for the right hand side, and a further advert slot at the bottom of the page, the dimensions are as follows;

  • Right Top - 320px*250px
  • Right Bottom - 320px*250px
  • Center Bottom - 468px*60px

These boxes support HTML so it isn't just static images you can put in here, you could use the space to include Gifs, Videos or any other HTML Content you like, may Unions use these boxes to link through to other relevant and timely content such as an advert linking through to Nominations during elections periods.