Briefing Q1 2017

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This is a specific edition of the Quarterly UC Briefing, they are all stored on the UC Briefing Archive.

UnionCloud Newsletter Q1 2017

Change to Payment Provider

After a number of years of using Realex as the payment gateway provider for UnionCloud we have decided to change this to a company called Braintree Payments (whose customers included Uber, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Dropbox and many more). Switching to Braintree will allow us to offer a wider variety of payment types including PayPal, Apple & Android Pay as well as benefit from quicker processing and response times as well as improved customers services. We will be looking at releasing these changes to the live environment around the beginning of May and will be able in all your test environments before this so you can test this out. Initially the only new functionality will be that we will accept payments via PayPal although this will be configurable per Union. We will be posting more information on this on our Wiki site and through Get Satisfaction so watch out for more info on this.

Increasing Page Secure Connection

In January we made a small number of changes to UnionCloud to ensure that more pages were served over a secure connection. We will be continuing this trend over the coming months until we get to a point where every page on every site will be shown over a secure connection. We are doing this so that we continue to keep up with industry best practice and so that your websites don’t get left behind and become vulnerable to security attacks. What this means for you is that any web page that has embedded content in it from a 3rd party (Mach Forms, Google Forms, Room Booking forms, Facebook and Twitter Feeds etc.) will not show on your site unless it is also served over a secure connection. This should be the case for the vast majority of these already, however you will need to start checking your site now just in case they aren’t so you have time to get a secure connection in place. We will be looking at making this change around June time this year. More information will be available on our Wiki site and through Get Satisfaction as we get closer to the time.