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We have recently committed to producing a monthly newsletter, which will replace the quarterly briefing you previously would have received, to keep you up-to-date and in the know about what’s moving and shaking with UnionCloud and OneVoice. They will feature support and technical updates, upcoming training sessions and events, the lowdown on everything you need to know regarding UnionCloud and much more.

We will keep an up-to-date archive of previous UnionCloud briefings/newsletters if you wish to go back and review them for any reason, below you can see all the UnionCloud Briefings and Newsletters we've released to date.

Monthly UnionCloud Newletters

2018 2019
December 2018 N/A
November 2018 N/A
October 2018 N/A
September 2018 N/A
August 2018 N/A
July 2018 N/A
June 2018 N/A
May 2018 N/A
April 2018 N/A
March 2018 N/A

Note Note: If you do not currently receive the monthly newsletter, but would like to in the future, simply click on the latest version of the newsletter, click Subscribe in the top left-hand corner and enter your details to join the mailing list.

Previous Quarterly UC Briefings

2017 2016
Q1 Briefing_Q1_2017 N/A
Q2 Briefing_Q2_2017 Briefing_Q2_2016
Q3 Q3 2017 Briefing_Q3_2016
Q4 Q4 2017 Briefing_Q4_2016